Sunday, September 16, 2007


Jose Mathew P. Luga, President of the Athletics Club of the Sacred Academy of Novaliches, is already in his senior year. The Club was the one in charge of the recently concluded opening program of the 2007-2008 SHAN's Intramural. The officers and members of the Club, the students, parents as well as the faculty and staff of SHAN deserves to be congratulated for the successful event.

As show of support to young leaders of SHAN and the students per se, we prepared a simple video production broadcasted in You Tube for the benefit of all. We did our best to cover every detail of the affair, but were constrained to present in full for reasons beyond our control.

Those interested to have a personal copy of a disc may just as well contact the Atheletic Club. We are donating whatever proceeds thereof for whatever projects these young students may have in mind.

Herewith is the 2007-2008 opening program of the SHAN's Intramural, in YOU TUBE: