Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This was the fourth straight live performance of Leo Zita during the recording of "The Crossroad" interpreting "Sorry". After four straight songs of about 45 minutes with a break of about three to five minutes after each live performance, which includes Misty and What a Wonderful World in his own interpretation: Leo now plays "Sorry" holding his breath for so long. He's been exhausted, but still you can feel the emotions especially when you watch and listen how he plays the saxophone live! Leo Zita:

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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Super Typhoon Hits Manila!
Touches the Ground @ Roxas Boulevard

This beautiful, talented, musical genius, “Eun Joo Park” caught Manila by storm when she performed at Midas Hotel with such a powerful display of her mastery of electronic violin! The audience were not only moved and swayed, but was awed, as this lady takes command of the strings to higher notes in such an eloquently display of mastery of her craft: “Eun Joo Park” popularly know as “EJ Park” captured the heart and soul of the audience in her debut performance at Midas Hotel along Roxas Boulevard. You can hear the Oh! Ah! Of the audience!

You can see in the face of the audience the power that this talented lady possesses, now considered as the Korean Master of electronic vilolin . . . “Eun Joo Park” capturing the Philippines by storm!

A graduate of Orchestral Music in Korea’s Kywon University, A.I.D.M. Academa Diploma Violini in Rome, Italy, a member of MBC Orchestra, Park is considered as musical genius and now, a rising star in the field of rock electronic violin, internationally. She shall be having a concert at Araneta Coliseum on Monday August 22, 2011 in celebration of the Philippine-Korea Friendship Day for the benefit of "KOPINOY" (Korean-Pilipino) abandoned Children. She will be also performing live at the different branches of SM Malls nationwide and shall undertake concert tours to promote and poster Korean-Pilipino friendship.

Straight from Los Angeles, Usec. Robert T. Rivera, former Undersecretary for Operations at the Office of the Press Secretary and host of the Pilipinas Ngayon Na! at NBN-4 and now member of the Board of Director of RPN, took no time, as his plane touches the ground, he immediately proceeded to the luxurious Mida’s Hotel, 20 minute away drive from the airport and arrived a little bit earlier for the affair. Fresh from his stint in Europe, Ambassador Alejandro del Rosario was also present with former Miss World Evangeline Pascual, Maning Borlaza of the MTRCB, former Ambassador James Dee, Lolly R. Acosta, President of the NAIA Press Club, Crispina Belen of the Manila Bullettin many more well known showbiz and media personalities.

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EJ PARK in Manila

EJ Park Performs before Ambassador James Dee, to the delight of the crowd.

Jeff Baek, Human Resource Manager of VERONA Optical, a top of the line producer of contact lenses and eyeglasses using the most modern and sophisticated equipment from Korea [center] with Miss Angel Locsin look alike and another staff from VERONA.

Ambassador Alejandro del Rosario (in blue shirt, far left) ) with Lolit Acosta, President of the NAIIA Press Corps and Usec. Robert T. Rivera, former Undersecretary for Operations, Office of the Press Secretary along with other Press and Media People.

Bella E. Dimayuga with the Head of Midas Hotel Marketing Department, 1973 Miss World 1st Runner Up, Miss Evangeline Pascual and Philantropist, Lolita Escobar Mirpuri.

Roy R. Luga, a cyber advocate who promotes different non-profit advocacy projects in the cyber space internationally with Lolit R. Acosta of Balitaan sa Aloha, Usec. Robert T. Rivera, Bella Dimayuga, representatives of the Midas Hotel with a Media personality, were also among the guests.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


We are presenting herewith a special edition of the play: "A Night Before Christmas". This is dedicated to Jose Mathew P. Luga, the President of SHAN's Athletics Club, to his mother who has given her all the support. Likewise, to the students and teachers of the school, specially to their parents, who desires nothing but the most out of their children. The concept was based on the play, from our choosen frames and the background music was that of Wency Cornejo's "HANGGANG", (please buy Wency's original soundtrack, in due respect to our fellow artist and to the budding talents of SHAN).

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Glimpse of . . . "A Night Before Christmas" Part - 1

These are part of the series we have on our video production concerning the play: "A Night Before Christmas", a Thanksgiving Presentation of SHAN's pupils and students. A project of Jose Mathew P. Luga, the President of SHAN's Athlethic Club. This is the first time for a school to present this magnitude of low cost production documented on video launched on You Tube. This is already a history for SHAN made by the students of Batch 08'. It was the students and the pupils who were the actual producer, choreogarpher, props men, etc. etc., of the event, with the guidance of their teachers. The production of this video was conceptualized in a very short notice, without much preparation, under very limited resources. It was, however, the perseverance and persistency of these pupils and students that motivated and drives us to produce this documentary at a very tight period, resources and manpower, with the help of the Almighty. Despite limited resources and power disruption during the actual event, the pupils, students and production staff persevered and performed well. They deserved to be admired.

We were motivated to go on with the project with the support of Undersecretary Robert T. Rivera, Deputy Secretary of the Office of the Press Secretary, Office of the President and host of Pilipinas Ngayon Na! A multi-awarded T.V. show telecast at NBN-4 every Saturdays 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.. Usec. Rivera has been very supportive of artistic endeavors. He has been very active in the movie and film industry even before he joined the government, a very apolitical, neutral and a person who always maintain coolness under fire. He has been a friend to peace advocates and to those advocating for the development of the youth. Usec. Rivera himself was once awarded as the most dishtinguished Alumnus of Baclaran High School, his alma matter, a Scout Leader.

We would like also to thank Cynthia P. Luga, the very supportive mother of Jose Mathew, who took care of the production staff at a short notice, Josephine Zabarte, SHAN's School Director, the School Principal, Mrs. Elnora Arriola, the teachers (Specifically their English and Computer teacher, MR. SANTOYO [pardon me if I got his name not so right], who organized the event), the students and parents as well, to whom this project is dedicated.

The producers pledges part of whatever proceeds that we hope to realize in this project to benefit SHAN's Athletic Club after reimbursing the production cost of those who invested and believed in the fulfillment of this project. We hope, however, that those who participated in this play including their friends and relatives, who wish to treasure this unforgettable moment of their love ones in CD patronizes the VCDs, to be exclusively sold by SHAN through its Cashier. We hope that those interested to buy signifies their interest. To avoid piracy, we urge those interested to place their orders altogether to protect the intellectual rights of the producers, who willingly supported this project without any hesitation. This also to encourage those behind this project to further support our advocacies to promote our youth to develop their self-confidence. In fact, this production already generated countless views in less than a week from different sites, through the effort of our friends and fellow advocates in the cyber community.

At any rate, whatver funds that we can, hopefully, generate, shall inure to your benefit to be used as an intial capital for whatever fund raising activity that these students will undertake, to upgrade future productions of these talented, young and energetic performers, artists, directors and future leaders of our country and for them to learn the economics of production. Our consultancy services for events are always available for FREE, for this kind of endeavor. We hope than we can extend our support to the Parents Teachers Association of the School to conceptualize and organized a much bigger well-planned event in the future just like what with did at the OLLCS Homeroom Project in Michael's school, the brother of Mathew.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PRODUCERS, STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND THE PARENTS who desires nothing less for the future of their children and the future of the country they live within. MABUHAY ANG KABATAANG PILIPINO!

A glimpse of . . . "A Night Before Christmas", in You Tube:

A Glimpse . . . Part - 2

Here's Part 2 of the glimpse of the Night Before Christmas.

A Glimpse . . . Part-3

This is Part Three of the Glimpse. The children in You Tube:


One of the most awaited performers in the event were the seniors, who gave their all. This shall be one among their last performances in their soon to be alma matter.

The Seniors, in You Tube: